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Our Company Mission

The mission of Speech Solutions, Inc. is to provide speech and language needs with integrity and accountability in the communities we serve, to give back through community service and to inspire moments of optimism and happiness while creating value and making a difference.

Fun and Engaging Therapy Solutions

Why Speech Solutions ?

Speech Solutions, Inc. prides itself on meeting the speech and language needs of our community. We take this statement literally by providing services to all ages (1 to 100), supporting early intervention, making therapy convenient for you, and serving a vast area with four locations.


We assess, diagnose and treat our patients to help improve their speech, language, cognitive, communication, voice, swallowing, fluency and other speech disorders. We also have the equipment and certified Speech-Language Pathologists to provide Vital Stem Therapy.


Our effort to stay up-to-date with continuing education guarantees we provide the latest fun and engaging therapy techniques. We are nationally accredited and state licensed. Speech Solutions, Inc. is owned by Allison Harrington, M.Ed., CCC-SLP.

Who We Are

Our therapists are very family oriented and understand the importance of considering the unique family dynamic to address the needs of the individual being treated.

Need a Solution?

Individualized Speech Language Therapy

Contact us today if you feel your child would benefit from individualized speech language therapy. A screening can be conducted. If speech and language concerns are noted on the screening (which is often times free), then a formal speech and language evaluation will be conducted with a follow up consultation.


This way you will know exactly how your child performed on the evaluation and if there are any concerns which may require your child to need speech and language therapy. In order to maintain the integrity of our office and services we provide, you will be required to fill out basic forms that will include contact/insurance information, consent and release.  Our office staff will assist you when you make your appointment.

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