Dr. Kenneth L. Bowen

Vice President of Achievement for All Children

Director of Southside-Ashpole Elementary School

Speech Solutions, Inc. sets the standard for educational contracted services related to speech and whole child needs. Allison and her staff are professional, dependable, and easy to work with. They put the needs of all students at the forefront of their work. They are a tremendous asset to partner with.

Sarah Smith

Bladen County Schools

“I always love to see Caroline coming through our door and more importantly… My student does!!! Caroline is great with the kids and treats them all with kindness and support.

Tara Brisson Birchall


She has been helping us out at Liberty Commons…she is very professional and sweet….we love having her.

Amy Schumacher

Bladen County Schools
Exceptional Children’s Teacher

Caroline Wells is a fantastic speech therapist. She is kind, happy, energetic and my class loves her. Caroline makes practicing speech skills fun and I have seen major progress with the students she works with. She KNOWS her stuff!!!

Sonya Walker


Mrs. Joan at Speech Solutions is a wonderful therapist. My daughter is able to communicate with her words so much more clearly after working with Mrs. Joan. Mrs. Joan is a patient and sympathetic therapist who communicates with children so well no matter what their speech problems may be. We are incredibly pleased with the progress our daughter has made.

Ms. Galbreath


Around age two, it was brought to my attention that my son, Jamie, needed speech therapy. He wasn’t saying any words but one word “MAMA”. We were referred to Speech Solutions through CDSA (early intervention services). Stephanie is very passionate about her work. Jamie and Stephanie’s relationship at first was a challenge for her but she continued to work with him and they formed a relationship. He loves when she comes and sees him. Jamie was diagnosed with Autism after he turned two. It’s slow progress with him but Stephanie is very patient with Jamie. Stephanie has been outstanding. She is everything you would hope for in a speech therapist: patient, compassionate, engaging, warm and friendly. I am so grateful to have found such a caring therapist who truly wants to see Jamie progress and succeed in life.



I am very pleased with the care we have received at Speech Solutions and would recommend their services to anyone who needs speech therapy services.

Leslie Sinclair


As the teacher of a self-contained exceptional children’s class, I am a bit overprotective to say the least.  I love my children as my own and want to know that all who come in contact with them will treat them with the love and respect that they deserve.  Mrs. Elizabeth is that person.  She adores my children and enjoys spoiling them with me.  She is not an employee of Bladen County Schools but one would never know it.  She goes above the call of duty and when one of my babies needs her, (which they often do) for a hug or lunch buddy, she makes time to be there for them.

I am so grateful that Elizabeth Ferrell Sessions will be with us again in the 2016-2017 school year.  I look forward to the enthusiasm she brings with her to our school.  She rejoices in the smallest of progress and with students like mine that means the world.

Veronica Galindo

Spanish Interpreter, CDSA

I am a Spanish interpreter that works for CDSA.  I work with Joan and Marilyn once a week.  Joan is very professional.  I have also learned some things and enjoy our time together.  I now understand why she returned to work after retiring.  She is an asset to her work place and family.  They are blessed to have her working with their children.  She does her job well and the results are the proof of that.

Brenda Jones

Jamestown Day Care – Director

As the director of Jamestown Day Care, I am very satisfied with the services of Speech Solutions.  Speech Solutions has always provided excellent services for the children enrolled in the center over 10 years.  Their employees have been trustworthy and have always acted in a professional manner.  Over the years as director of Jamestown Day Care, Speech Solutions has proven that they are very knowledgeable, patient and work well with the children and parents.  My staff, teachers and caretakers also know that the children are safe and well taken care of while the therapist is in charge of the children.  In the future, I fully intend to have Speech Solutions continue services because I am very satisfied with the professional services they have provided Jamestown Day Care.


MariCarmen Solano

Yo MariCarmen, recomendaría a Ms. Kay a los demás niños que tuvieran problema de lenguaje porque a mis niños les ayudó mucho con su lenguaje. Porque es una persona que tiene paciencia con los niños. Yo estoy muy agradecida con Ms. Kay porque se toma su tiempo a venir a la casa en el tiempo de vacaciones. Es una persona puntual, responsable, y es de mucha ayuda para los papas porque te da consejos de comportamiento de los niños. Es de mucha ayuda para los niños. Yo estoy muy agradecida con Ms. Kay. Los niños tenían una buena actitud sobre Ms. Kay porque su actitud de ella es muy buena

y se tiene buena comunicación con ellos. Por eso yo recomiendo a una maestra de terapia a otros papas porque ellas tienen un impacto positivo en los niños. Yo la admiro como persona. Mis respetos para Ms. Kay.

Holly Brisson


I have to say when I considered speech for Abigail I was a little skeptical, but I said I would give it a try and if it did not work, I could stop at anytime.  Well I have to say my feelings that this would not work or help would soon be laid to rest!  In one short month of only coming once a week I could see a HUGE change in my two year old.  Grunts and sign language and pointing were replaced with so so many words and feelings of expression.  Abigail would tell me just what she wanted and talk in short phrases!! Well months have passed and things are still progressing as they should in so many ways, she has started two year preschool and speech is really helping in that area as well with communicating with the children.  As for Abigail’s speech teacher, Kristin Cox, she has won my heart and definitely Abigail’s from day one!  Abigail has formed a bond with her that makes my heart swell because I see she really wants to see Abigail learn and succeed.  That speaks volumes to me because it is so hard to find people that really truly care about others and want them to learn and grow.  All I can say is Kristin Cox and Speech Solutions, Inc. are wonderful!!



“Just wanted to say thanks for working so hard with Madison.  She has come such a long way.  She speaks with understanding and with so much pride.  She enjoys every minute with you.”

Amy Yanik

Wilmington CDSA Service Coordinator

“Joan demonstrates outstanding expertise and integrity when working with families and professionals.  She exemplifies excellent organizational and communication skills.  During Joan’s therapy sessions, I’m captivated by the strategies and techniques she individualizes for each child’s needs.  She always encourages family participation and provides suggestions for carry-over.  I thoroughly enjoy working with Joan in a collaborative effort of meeting the needs of children and families.”

Latoya Alford


“Keitoria has been coming to Speech Solutions, Inc. several years now.  Her speech has developed and improved so much since she has been attending.  She started from using very little speech to now speaking full complete sentences and using a wide variety of vocabulary.  By working with Jenny, she is very confident with her speech and she enjoys working with her ever visit.  I recommend Speech Solutions, Inc. to any child because my daughter had a severe speech delay, but now I can truly say that by their help, her speech is getting better and better.  I thank all of the staff for their hard work and dedication.”