Holly Brisson

I have to say when I considered speech for Abigail I was a little skeptical, but I said I would give it a try and if it did not work, I could stop at anytime.  Well I have to say my feelings that this would not work or help would soon be laid to rest!  In one short month of only coming once a week I could see a HUGE change in my two year old.  Grunts and sign language and pointing were replaced with so so many words and feelings of expression.  Abigail would tell me just what she wanted and talk in short phrases!! Well months have passed and things are still progressing as they should in so many ways, she has started two year preschool and speech is really helping in that area as well with communicating with the children.  As for Abigail’s speech teacher, Kristin Cox, she has won my heart and definitely Abigail’s from day one!  Abigail has formed a bond with her that makes my heart swell because I see she really wants to see Abigail learn and succeed.  That speaks volumes to me because it is so hard to find people that really truly care about others and want them to learn and grow.  All I can say is Kristin Cox and Speech Solutions, Inc. are wonderful!!

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