Connie Patterson

“As a former employee, I would like to share just how wonderful Allison Harrington and the staff are to work with at Speech Solutions in Lumberton. I worked with Speech Solutions as a Speech Pathologist for six years, and had it not been for an out-of-state relocation, I would still be there. Allison is a top-notch employer, who cares for her employees and the community, as well as the clients that are served through her agency. I appreciated the fact that she does not micro-manage, allowing the therapists to be truly responsible for their caseloads and outcomes, i.e. development of and number on caseload, as well as setting their own schedules. She trusts her therapists to provide excellent client services and gives them the tools to make it happen. The support staff is excellent as well, always willing to help in any way possible. In conclusion, Allison Harrington and the staff at Speech Solutions are second to none. If you are considering employment at Speech Solutions, rest assured that it is a great company to work for and Allison and her staff will be there to support you as you make the difference in a client’s life. “

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We provide therapy to address articulation deficits, developmental delays, dysfluency, language delays, oral motor deficits, and other disorders pertaining to adults and children.

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