Brenda Jones

As the director of Jamestown Day Care, I am very satisfied with the services of Speech Solutions.  Speech Solutions has always provided excellent services for the children enrolled in the center over 10 years.  Their employees have been trustworthy and have always acted in a professional manner.  Over the years as director of Jamestown Day Care, Speech Solutions has proven that they are very knowledgeable, patient and work well with the children and parents.  My staff, teachers and caretakers also know that the children are safe and well taken care of while the therapist is in charge of the children.  In the future, I fully intend to have Speech Solutions continue services because I am very satisfied with the professional services they have provided Jamestown Day Care.

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We provide therapy to address articulation deficits, developmental delays, dysfluency, language delays, oral motor deficits, and other disorders pertaining to adults and children.

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